Nestor Caffa

Nestor Caffa

"A fragmentary perception deprives most human beings of a holistic, penetrating vision which reveals the living fullness of the Present and the infinity of a universal all-pervading consciousness"Robert Linssen

In early childhood, I was initiated to the world of Caribbean medicinal plants. The mysterious atmosphere of the magical forest fascinated me as my mother and I searched and collected wild medicinal herbs. Mother Nature was bounteous in her generosity, and the plants and herbs a profusion to delight my senses. Then, as now, I learnt that it is crucial to wait for the propitious picking time, to pay attention not to step on neighbouring plants and to collect strictly the amount necessary. Throughout my life, I would learn the same careful caution, with reverence to the plants, when learning the delicate steps of preparation of the decoctions, infusions and other ointments. A mere infusion became the most precious of elixirs.

After a post graduate qualification in management and finance, my passion for tropical and sub-tropical plants took over and prompted me to improve my knowledge of botany. I became a certified practitioner in Aromatherapy in France and I specialised in Ayurvedic pharmacopoeia in India.

It took me 5 years of methodical research to select over 50 plant extracts with proven therapeutic properties. Direct agreements with organic cultivators permit to control the supply chain and the quality of raw materials.

Together with the Centre of Research in Cosmetology in Mumbai, I developed concentrated vegetal extracts with amazing antioxidant and anti-elastase properties. They compose, with extra virgin first press vegetal oils and precious aromatic oils, the basis of my formulas.

A deep respect for life guided me when creating this line of skin care products without any ingredient made of animal origin.

The line of holistic skin care products that I offer you today is inspired from Rasayana, the branch of Vedic medicine expert in the art of rejuvenation. You will discover skin care products that on top of beautifying your skin, give you with each application a sense of communion with nature, taking you to a world of dazzling scents.