Essential oils and macerated oils

Plant essences have been used by traditional medicines since the Antiquity. Steam distilled they are called essential oils, genuine liposoluble plant concentrates which easily penetrate the skin and travel quickly through the blood flow. Essential oils work on the immune system and have anti-infectious and detoxifying effects at the neuroendocrine level.

The aromatic molecules of essential oils can have either a stimulating or a soothing effect on the nervous system. Their use in synergy multiplies their power to protect and revitalise cells.

Aromatherapy also works at the olfactory level to alleviate body stress and tensions. The respect of the natural molecular combinations of essential oils guarantees their effectiveness. Therefore, the aromas were never tampered with while formulating, the essential oils used in Kaliom skin care products are pure and natural.

Extra virgin first cold pressed vegetal oils are the core of our formulas. They are also used for the long maceration of flowers, leaves and fruits at room temperature, thus keeping intact the properties of the plants.

To know more about essential oils, please read Kaliom’s founder text about them here.