Ayurvedic plant extracts

The oldest natural medicine of Humanity, tradition of the antique Indian Vedic culture, Ayurveda tells us that the human body is composed of the same elements that nature: air, fire, water and earth. Its therapeutic principle is to maintain a balance between the energetic flows in the body called doshas: Vata (ether and air), Pitta (fire and water), Kapha (earth and water).

Ayurveda uses adaptogenic plants renown for their high concentration of active elements which strengthen the immune, nervous and glandular systems by way of drainage, remineralising, and rebalancing of physiological functions.

Our skin care products are based on “Rasayana”, one of the 8 branches of Ayurveda, which deals with rejuvenation and beauty, taking into account the different skin types and their evolution according to age, the seasons, the environment, diet and hygiene.

The ayurvedic plant extracts in our formulas help reduce the body’s inner disorders and keep a healthy, soft, supple and beautiful skin. All our extracts are derived from plants organically grown or collected in the wild in protected areas.