What is the origin of this care protocol?

The osteospinal® vibratory massage allows the body to self-heal by detoxifying organs, muscles, ligaments, nervous systems and skin tissues. It helps to eliminate internal and external blockages, promote the smooth flow of information and ensure a high level of prevention of cell wear-related body dysfunctions. It acts as a rejuvenation cure.

It is a holistic approach to regulate the tensions of the body and mind and revitalise your being.
Vibration makes it possible to harmonize the whole being in resonance with the universe. It is a harmonious dance of the organs, cells and all the molecules of the body. It is the dance of Shiva. It takes its source in the deep structure of the human being.

The vector, which allows to connect and draw from the universal energy source is the human architecture, the deep structure of the being, the skeleton that acts as a telescopic mast.
The skeleton contains a nervous network that conveys all information to other organs of the body.
This vibratory massage technique is close to an ancestral Indo-Tibetan method «the Samvahan» which uses the harmonics of subtle human bodies.
Osteospinal® vibratory massage is about re-according our powerful transceiver, the body structure to the original vibration. This invigorating massage improves the diffusion of energies to the various organs of the body. Harmonious transmission of sensory stimuli and immunogenic information keeps the body alert and healthy.

What are the benefits of this massage?

  • Unclog the joints to regain flexibility and softness by getting rid of negative energies and agglomerated toxins
  • Tone the bone system by focusing positive energies in the central neuro system
  • Regain vitality by balancing the body’s core strengths
  • Regain firmness and elasticity of the skin with essential fatty acid-rich balms

The skeleton captures energies, waves and vibrations, and then transmits them through its nervous network to the various organs. All parts of the skeleton are linked together by the joints, looking like road junction points, which facilitate the transmission of the information necessary for the proper functioning of the organism.

A tonic skeleton and joints in good condition, a healthy skin, these are the basis of a good general health.

Nestor Caffa,
Founder of Kaliom® designer of the osteospinal® massage