At a time when gender equality is (finally) a subject, we are entitled to wonder whether the use of a “gendered” range in cosmetics still makes sense. The Kaliom team asked themselves whether or not to enlarge the men’s range, and even questioned its legitimacy!

Why, then, did we decide to keep specific products for men? First of all, we based ourselves on the habits of men, who, in practice, still diverge from those of women, most specifically with the use of fewer cosmetics. The Fluide Austral shaving product has, among other things, been developed to limit shaving pimples, which are more frequent on the face than on the body, as much as possible.

Regarding the cleaning product Terre d’airain, we chose it for its ease of use and its slightly minty smell, which seemed, to us, more suitable for men. The Fraîcheur d’équinoxe cream, like the eye contour care Eclair, is suitable for men’s skin (thicker than that of women), while keeping the same active base as their equivalents in the “women” categories. We also favoured darker packaging than our female categories.

Anyway, no “pink tax” with us, you can see for yourself that men’s and women’s treatments are the same price!