When developing products for the Kaliom range, the entire team came together to offer an intelligent way to “prioritize”, or organize, the care to be given to the skin of the face and body.

We then established a 4-step protocol:

Prepare the skin to receive care by cleaning it thoroughly

The Prepare range, identifiable by its yellow frieze, includes products for cleaning the skin of the face and neck, getting rid of makeup, erasing the epidermis and opening the pores with the mask in order to receive care.

Prevent the appearance of wrinkles by nourishing the epidermis

Our Prevent range, with its coral pink frieze, brings together repairing oils and balms formulas, strong in fatty acids and repairing molecules. Its products maintain the lipid film of the skin to prevent it from dehydrating and letting wrinkles appear.

Cure the marks of time with targeted care

The Cure range, in its heather pink frieze, is used to remedy ailments already installed: on the face, wrinkles, spots, fine lines, sagging, pimples; and on the body, cellulite, stretch marks or loss of support.

Maintain the well-being of body and mind throughout the day

The Maintain range, with its green water frieze, delights the senses with the richness of its essential oil fragrances. Balms and body cleansing jellies address various wellness issues throughout the day. Thanks to its soothing, energizing and circulatory properties, the range prolongs the effects of treatments by combating stress, fatigue and muscle tension.

This protocol has been developed to provide maximum comfort to your skin. The culture of rasayana, the art of staying young in Sanskrit, from which Kaliom’s philosophy is inspired, is to fight against the marks of time before they appear, in particular by balancing the strengths of each individual, that is why we advise you follow these steps during your beauty routine!

A glimpse at the Kaliom range